Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Denta Marmaris Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic aims to provide its patients with quality services. The main goals of its quality policy;

To ensure all of the patients that apply to our Polyclinic have the same level of services with no exception and the complete satisfaction while leaving our premises.

  • to plan treatment processes by informing patients in each step and collecting their confirmations and consents.
  • entire treatment plan is shared with the patient in writing prior to resuming the first step.
  • patients are informed for all details of the treatments i.e. procedures and method to be followed, duration of the treatment, potential side effects  and the things to be done at home after the treatment in our Polyclinic.
  • to improve our quality of services, we get feedback from our patients during and after treatments and with the analysis of these feedbacks, we re-design and revise our services accordingly.
  • we follow the medical/dentistry regulations and safety rules stringently and vigilantly in our Polyclinic.
  • to apply the best suitable up-to-date treatments, our Doctors and Specialists work together for the cases that require multi disciplinary actions in order to the maintain the most effective treatment procedures.
  • to be in line with the rules and regulations issued by the authorities and the Ministry of Health, all the equiment and medical devices, tools are kept under day-to-day maintenance, control and hygiene conditions needed. 
  • to catch up the up-to-date developments and treatment methods, equipment, etc. all of our Team Members are taken to regular trainings. 
  • regulations are always tracked issued by the authorities for oral and dental health in order to keep the treatment services in line with the new developments and improvements we provide in our Polyclinic.

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